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Would You Like a Free Online Health Check?

Is social media behaviour taken into account when recruiters, coaches and schools are evaluating athletes? Absolutely.

Is it unfair that you are being judged on something completely unrelated to your athletic prowess? Maybe. But it’s happening.

Every day college coaches receive reports on the social media posts of prospective recruits. What they contain either helps, or hurts, that player’s opportunities of being recruited by that school.

Understanding that this is happening – that your character and reputation is being judged and formed on every social interaction is scary for some people. But’s it better to learn the lesson now and take the steps to build a better online identity, than drift and hope that something you posted two years ago on Instagram, or an inappropriate meme page you liked on Facebook because it was cool at the time… isn’t the thing that means the difference between reaching your sporting dreams, and not.

It can be that important.

I work with Olympians, world champions, professional athletes and aspiring athletes – and nobody is perfect online. But when the spotlight of recruiting attention hits, it shines very bright, so it’s best to have prepared to look your best; On-field and on-line.

As part of my relationship as the athlete social media education provider for Study & Play USA, I’m giving away three ‘Athlete Online Identity Health-Checks’ to aspiring student-athletes (Valued at $75.00 each) to help ensure that when that spotlight of attention from North America hits, you can be proud and excited for the interest, confident you’re ready to shine online!

To have a chance to win one of my ‘Athlete Online Identity Health-Checks’ simply…

  1. Follow Study  & Play USA on Instagram
  2. Upload a photo to Instagram that showcases the number one ‘Value’ you want to be known for. (e.g; Leader, Team-Player, Caring, Committed, Grateful…)
  3. Tell us in the caption why you chose that value and what it means to you, as well as use the hashtag #ShineOnlineWithStudyandPlayUSA
  4. Tag ‘Study & Play USA’ in the post.
  5. Entries close Friday 30 June 2017 – winners will be selected at Random

Learn more about the ‘Athlete Online Identity Health-Checks’ here:


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