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2021 Australian Swimming Recruit – Patrick Traynor

The Person

About Me:

FOCUSSED – as a young man I learned the importance of setting realistic goals and developing detailed incremental plans for achieving those goals. As a result, I am ruthlessly focused at achieving my objectives.

COURAGEOUS – I am always willing to push through the pain barrier. I regularly exceed expectations by going better and faster than expected. This led to being awarded the Seniors Shield in 2016 GPS, not for winning the breaststroke event but for 200 Free swim where I was not expected to feature and pulling the team back from 6th, to lead the field in the Breaststroke leg of the medley relay.

MOTIVATED – I am a very self motivated person who believes in the philosophy that anything can be achieved if you set your goals and are willing to do what needs to be done.

FUN LOVING – I believe that sport is about having fun. I am always cheerful and dedicated to ensuring I enjoy the experience of swimming. I am a well loved member of my squads at both present and formers clubs, and have many friends in Queensland Swimming.

HARD WORKER – I love a challenge and am always willing to do the hard work. A difficult swimming set is something to be attacked and defeated.

Leadership & Community:


Patrick is an integral member of the school community.  The school provides numerous co-curricular opportunities and encourages students to participate in activities across a range of sports, cultural and community activities.

“Patrick is a standout Piper in Brisbane Boys’ College highly acclaimed Pipe Band and he has represented the College with distinction at regional and state competitions. He has also been actively involved in the College’s Theatre Club” – Senior Housemaster


Surf Life Saving: Patrick has qualified as a life saver (Bronze Medallion) and volunteers regularly to patrol the beach, with his patrol group at Northcliffe Surf Club, on the Gold Coast.

This patrol includes swimmer recovery and first aid.  This is a voluntary organization which provides patrol and life saving services completely free of charge.  Patrick is a proud member of the Northcliffe club and shows great discipline to schedule in 6 hour patrols on a monthly basis plus a 3 hours travelling to the beach.

Anzac Day : Patrick volunteers his services as a piper each year at services of remembrance events for soldiers lost in Australian wars.  This includes both local community events and a televised city parade.

Red Shield Appeal: Patrick has been involved in the National door knock appeal, which raises cash for the vulnerable in our community.

Personal Quote:

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts"

The Athlete



Technical Strengths:

  • Courage
  • Power
  • Stamina/endurance
  • Upper body strength
  • Core strength
  • Distance freestyle
  • Breaststroke

Athletic Highlights

Personal best times (please note these times are in SCM & LCM):

Event Distance Long/short course Time Date Name of Meet Converted time to Short Course yards **
Freestyle 1500m Short 16.16.57 04/08/2019 2019 Brisbane Short Course Championships 16.10.74

1650 yds

Freestyle 1500m Long 17.04.47 17/2/2019 2019 Optus Victoria Open Championships 16.44.38

1650 yds

Freestyle 800m Short 8.31.65 04/8/2019 2019 Brisbane Short Course Championships 9.44.74


Freestyle 800m Long 8.50.79 23/3/2019 2019 Speedo National Prep Meet 9.54.72


Freestyle 400m Long 4.20.43 16/3/2019 2019 Vorgee Brisbane Senior Metropolitan Championships 4.51.79

500 yds

Freestyle 400m Short 4.11.77 7/07/2019 2019 2019 The Swim Academy SC Prep Meet 4.47.73

500 yds

Freestyle 200m Short 2.02.76 05/08/2018 2018 Brisbane Short Course Championships 1.50.59

200 yds

Freestyle 200m Long 2.08.28 20/12/2018 2019 GPS Swimming Championships 1.52.68

200 yds

Freestyle 100m Long 1.00.18 10/02/2018 2018 UQ LC Preparation Meet 52.77

100 yds

Freestyle 100m Short 59.93 15/07/2018 2018 Speedo SC Preparation Meet 53.99

100 yds

Freestyle 5000m OWS 22/09/2018 2018 Brisbane Open Water Championships n/a
Breaststroke 50m Long 33.10 24/03/2017 2017 13-19 Years Queensland School Swimming 28.91

50 yds

Breaststroke 100m Long 1.13.47 23/03/2017 2017 13-19 Years Queensland School Swimming 1.04.38

100 yds

Breaststroke 200m Long 2.47.09 21/02/2018 2018 Met West Regional Trials 2.26.92

200 yds

Butterfly 50m Long 30.48 20/01/2019 2019 Churchie LC Prep Sprint Meet 26.82

50 yds

Backstroke 50m Long 35.12 20/01/2019 2019 Churchie LC Prep Sprint Meet 31.09

50 yds

Notable Teams Represented:

GPS (GPS is the Brisbane Greater Public Schools interschool competition and is the most competitive in Queensland and arguably in Australia for swimming) 2012-2019
Metropolitan West ( a regional metropolitan team used as a selection to the Queensland team for school swimming) 2013-2019
Queensland State Schools 2015-2019
Pacific Schools Games ( an international competition with representation from school aged competitors across the Asia Pacific region, Patrick represented Queensland) 2016, 2018


Commercial Swimming Club

Commercial was a great opportunity under the guidance of Australian Coach Simon Cusack (coach to Christian Sprenger, Cate and Bronte Campbell, Shayna Jack)

University of Queensland Swimming Club

In order to take Patrick’s swimming commitment to the next level, Patrick needed to find a club closer to school and home so he could attend more swimming sessions.  Patrick has enjoyed being part of the UQ Club under the direct coaching of Dave Heyden, an Australian Team Coach.

Patrick also wanted to take a different direction in his swimming towards, middle and long distance and has devoted much of 2018 to training towards these goals

With these clubs, Patrick has represented at the following events:
National Age Championships 2016, 2017, 2019
National Age Open Water Championships 2019
Queensland Championships 2014-2019
Brisbane Sprint Championships 2013-2019
Queensland State Sprint Championships 2013-2019
Brisbane Short Course Championships 2013-2018
Queensland Short Course Championships 2013-2018
Brisbane Open Water Championships 2016-2018
Queensland Open Water Championships 2016-2018
Patron’s Shield (A short course inter regional state competition for competitors up to the age of 14) 2016-2017

Awards Received:

Seniors’ Shield for the most inspirational swimmer 2016
GPS Breaststroke Champion 2015



GPS Medley Relay Champion 2016
GPS Freestyle Relay Champion 2019
GPS Medley Relay – 3rd place 2017
GPS 200m freestyle – 3rd place 2016
Brisbane Boys College Age Champion 2015



Junior GPS Swimming Captain 2014
Brisbane Boys College Best Individual swimmer 2013


School – Regional Representation
Met West Champion – 50m Breaststroke 2015



Met West Champion – 100m Breaststroke 2015



Met West Champion – 200m Freestyle

Setting a regional record which still stands



School – State Representation
Queensland Champion – 50m Breaststroke 2017
Queensland Champion – 50m Breaststroke 2016
Queensland Champion – 200m Breaststroke 2016
Runner Up Queensland Champion – 100m Breaststroke 2017
Free Style Relay 4x50m – bronze 2017
Medley Relay – bronze 2017
Runner Up Queensland Champion – 100m Breaststroke 2016
Bronze – 50m Breaststroke 2015
Bronze – 4x50m free relay 2015
School – International Representation – Pacific Schools Games
Medley Relay – silver 2018
50m Breaststroke – bronze 2016
Swimming Australia Rankings
2019 1500 Freestyle Ranked 17th in Australia
Queensland Championships
1500m Free 2018 –top 8 finish
100m Breaststroke 2015- bronze
100m Breaststroke 2016- 4th
Queensland State Sprints Championships
50m Breaststroke 2015 – silver
Brisbane Sprint Championships
50m Breaststroke Champion 2015
Plus 6 other podium finishes between 2015-2017
Patrons Shield
Champion 50m Breaststroke 2015, 2016
UQ – Coaches Choice award for the season 2017
Swimming Australia – Youth Performance Squad member 2018,2017,2016


The Student


Brisbane Boys' College, QLD Australia

SAT Result:

  • Reading and Writing: 560
  • Maths: 580
  • Total Score: 1140

Predicted GPA:


Preferred Course of Study:

Humanities, Business, Economics

Academic Awards/Achievements:

Patrick is a dedicated student with particular strengths in English, Modern History, Economics, Legal Studies and Accounting.  Patrick’s GPA in Semester 1 Year 11 was 51.18, which represents a B/B+ average.  Patrick has consistently scored  within this range in every year, since grade 7, the commencement of high school.  Patrick is diligent in maintaining his grades despite the onerous workloads of swim training, which frequently exceed 20 hours per week.

Patrick enjoys public speaking and was a finalist in his school’s public speaking competition.

References, Resume & High School Transcript

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School Reference: Click to View

Student Athlete Resume: Click to View

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