How do we work?


With Student/Athletes and their families

Going to College is all about finding the right fit. We make sure we understand what is important to student-athletes about this pathway and customise our search to help them reach their specific goals and dreams.
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With Colleges

We know Colleges. We know what college coaches want. We work together with the student athletes and their families to develop a profile that provides an impressive snapshot of the applicant as an athlete, as a student and most importantly as a person.
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With Australian schools and sporting associations

The amount of information about US College Sporting Scholarships can be overwhelming. But don’t worry… we are here to make this once in a lifetime opportunity a realistic option for your students.
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The Study & Play USA Difference

We provide the knowledge, experience, expertise and genuine care for student-athletes to choose their life journey – travelling to the USA to live, play, learn, compete, study, grow and develop in a purpose fit University environment.

Our student-athletes’ families learn from us how to navigate the admissions, enrolment, visa and eligibility stages of this process. Together we build student-athlete profiles; contact coaches; discuss the exciting options, all in a safe, comforting and supportive environment.

From the initial profile, to receiving the “offer”, through that first flight to the USA, to the magical graduation cap and gown, we share your family’s joy in this unique journey.

Our pride is in seeing you, our client, make the best choices to set up your successful life.


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How do I know if I qualify? Am I good enough?


The best way to find this out is to contact us, and we will provide for you an obligation free academic and athletic assessment. These assessments provide you with definitive feedback that will allow you to make an informed decision about whether or not this pathway is for you.


Why can’t I just do it myself?


You can do so if you wish. However, the danger with attempting this process by yourself is that much of the process may be able to be completed, but it only takes one error or oversight in paperwork for you to miss out or run out of time, affecting your eligibility to compete in college sports. Many applicants come to Study & Play USA having attempted the process on their own having hit a ‘brick wall’ in the process. It is unfortunate for those who have given up on such a great opportunity due to these obstacles turning them off. For this reason, engaging Study & Play USA to facilitate and guide you through the process gives you peace of mind and a wealth of experience.

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